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BREDP Wedding 22.06.2019
BREDP Wedding 22.06.2019
22 Jun 2019, 16:30
't Goyken @Voordestraat 7, Hansbeke
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Our Story

Sydney Australia is where we first met in 2011 but it was only 5 years later that BRE (Bruno) was introduced to EDP (Elien) after which it didn't take long before "BREDP" was a fact.

We threw ourselves in a Brussels-Dubai long distance relationship which confirmed our joint love not only for each other but also for the sun and the beach. We quickly started sharing the same passion for kite surfing which is why Mauritius, a kite paradise, seemed like the perfect place to get engaged. Next trip, our honeymoon, will be a kite trip.

All this to say that beach, water and kite surf are things that that connect us which explains the reference to the color blue throughout our wedding.

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The Wedding



Voordestraat 7, 9850 Hansbeke



You presence and party mood are the best possible present  but contributions to help the development of the 'Warme William' application (see info below) or a contribution to our honey moon are appreciated:

BE56 0018 2555 8588



Welcome from 4.30pm with ceremony starting at 5pm - sharp! 



In case of questions you can reach us on +32477908682 or

Warme William

'Warme William Always listens'; the blue bear was created to help us remind to care and to listen to each other. In order to bring the blue bear to life they are working on a virtual reality application which can use your contribution on BE10 0000 0000 0404 by mentioning the structurerd reference 014/0150/00035.


 This action is part of a wider initiative to tackle mental welbeing among the youth. For more info click on this link


Blue suit with crispy white shirt

Dress Code


Summer Elegant

Dress Code


As we want everyone to have a good time but also make sure everyone gets home safely we strongly recommend to organise transportation. We have listed some options.

You can also go to the FORUM page where you can drop a line on where you would need to go to try and share a car!

Website through which you can request a quote of a 4 seat car up to a 16+ people bus or limousine. Click here to go to the website

Taxi for regio Ghent who can be called in advance or the evening itself +32475825510

Service in which a driver picks you up in your car!

For more info click here

Hotels Nearby
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